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we offer you the most affordable and most cheapest data, airtime, Dstv, Gotv and Startimes subscription. Here is the right place for your Electricity subscription and also Convert your Airtime to Cash...

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Certain things are hard but making payments shouldn't be one of them. chrisb teleshop helps you make payments for services you enjoy right from the comfort of your home or office. The experience of total convenience,fast service delivery and easy payment is just at your fingertips.

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Recharge Card Printing

We offer this service at a very good attractive rate, kindly login to print your various card.

Utility Payment

Because we understand your needs, we have made bills and utilities payment more convenient..

Bulk Sms

Send BulkSMS to any number for as low as just 2.5kobo per unit

Airtime Topup

Making an online recharge has become very easy and safe on chrisb teleshop.

Airtime To Cash

We offer this service at a very good attractive rate please login to get current conversion rate.

Cable Subscription

We offer this service at a very good attractive rate please login to get current conversion rate.

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Our Pricing

Affordable Data Plan And Price

40.0MB ₦49 1-day Plan
500.0MB ₦125 30days
500.0MB ₦140 30days
1.0GB ₦250 30 days
1.0GB ₦280 30days
1.0GB ₦295 1-day Plan
750.0MB ₦495 14days
2.0GB ₦500 30days
2.0GB ₦560 30days
2.5GB ₦583 2-days Plan
3.0GB ₦750 30days
3.0GB ₦840 30days
1.2GB ₦980 30days
2.0GB ₦985 7-days Plan
1.5GB ₦1180 30days
5.0GB ₦1250 30days
5.0GB ₦1400 30days
5.0GB ₦1478 7-days Plan
3.0GB ₦1480 30days
4.5GB ₦1970 30days
6.0GB ₦2463 30days
10.0GB ₦2800 30days
10.0GB ₦3448 30days
12.0GB ₦3920 30days
12.0GB ₦3940 1-Month HynetFlex TopUp Plan
20.0GB ₦5400 30days
25.0GB ₦6403 30days Gifting
30.0GB ₦7880 1-Month HynetFlex Plan
40.0GB ₦10835 30days
45.0GB ₦10835 1-Month HynetFlex Plan
75.0GB ₦15760 30days
100.0GB ₦17730 1-Month HynetFlex Plan
100.0GB ₦19700 2-Month Plan
130.0GB ₦19700 FUP Unlimited 1Month HynetFlex
120.0GB ₦21670 30days
200.0GB ₦24625 1-Month HynetFlex Plan
250.0GB ₦29400 FUP Unlimited 1Month HynetFlex
160.0GB ₦29550 2-Month Plan
200.0GB ₦29700 30days
300.0GB ₦35500 2-Month HynetFlex Plan
500.0GB ₦44325 FUP Unlimited 1Month HynetFlex
400.0GB ₦44325 3-Month HynetFlex Plan
400.0GB ₦49250 3-Month Plan
800.0GB ₦59500 FUP Unlimited 1Month HynetFlex
600.0GB ₦74000 3-Month Plan
800.0GB ₦89000 6-Month Plan
1.0TB ₦99000 1-Year Plan
1.0TB ₦99000 6-Month HynetFlex Plan
1.5TB ₦148000 1-Year HynetFlex Plan
1.5TB ₦163000 6-Month FUB Hynetflex plan
2.5TB ₦248000 1-Year Plan
4.5TB ₦443250 1-Year Plan
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100.0MB ₦40 7days corporate
300.0MB ₦90 7 days corporate
500.0MB ₦148 30days corporate
1.0GB ₦295 30days corporate
2.0GB ₦590 30days corporate
6.0GB ₦1425 7days Gifting
3.0GB ₦1425 30days Gifting
5.0GB ₦1475 30days corporate
4.5GB ₦1900 30days Gifting
6.0GB ₦2375 30days Gifting
10.0GB ₦2850 30days Gifting
10.0GB ₦2950 30days corporate
15.0GB ₦3800 30days Gifting
15.0GB ₦4425 30days corporate
18.0GB ₦4750 30days Gifting
30.0GB ₦7600 30days Gifting
40.0GB ₦9500 30days Gifting
75.0GB ₦14250 30days Gifting
120.0GB ₦19000 30days Gifting
240.0GB ₦28500 30days Gifting
280.0GB ₦34200 30days Gifting
400.0GB ₦47500 90days Gifting
500.0GB ₦57000 120days Gifting
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500.0MB ₦95 30days corporate
1.0GB ₦190 30days corporate
250.0MB ₦200 7days Gifting
1.5GB ₦285 30days corporate
2.0GB ₦380 30days corporate
500.0MB ₦480 30days Gifting
3.0GB ₦570 30days corporate
5.0GB ₦950 30days corporate
7.0GB ₦1350 7days Gifting
4.5GB ₦1800 30days Gifting
10.0GB ₦1900 30days corporate
11.0GB ₦2090 30days corporate
11.0GB ₦3600 30days Gifting
15.0GB ₦4500 30days Gifting
40.0GB ₦9000 30days Gifting
75.0GB ₦14000 30days Gifting
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